Nemis Security is proud to have developed Chiff: a free solution for the private market so one never has to remember a password again.

Don’t worry about your online safety anymore

We are increasingly warned about online threats. Through WhatsApp fraud, phishing or leaked passwords, cyber criminals try to get their hands on your personal data, often aiming to steal your money. The online attacks are not only increasing in frequency, they are also becoming more sophisticated and more difficult to detect. In fact, if your password leaks through a poorly secured website, you cannot even control it. That's why passwords need to be complex, long, and unique for every account you have online. And that is, unfortunately, impossible to remember. Nemis Security has developed a free solution for this: Chiff Personal. You can log in anywhere with the biometric authentication of your smartphone.

Chiff Personal

By now, you have probably created countless online accounts. But it’s impossible to manage them in a secure way without the help of a password manager. With Chiff personal, logging in to websites becomes as easy as unlocking the phone. You can just use the fingerprint or facial recognition and forget about all those complex, long and unique passwords. For personal use, Chiff is completely free to use. Recently, we have made the source code available, so that you do not have to trust us that is completely safe and privacy-friendly, but you can check it out yourself! For more information and how to download Chiff personal, please visit: