Nemis Security has developed a solution to manage all your business accounts in a user-friendly and proven safe way.

Don’t worry about your online safety anymore

Within your company, you and your employees use countless accounts to get the job done. All with their own usernames and passwords. But every account poses a potential vulnerability. Some people use a very easy, guessable password, other use the same password for multiple accounts. And that is exactly what a hacker can take advantage of. How can you, as an entrepreneur, be sure that all your employees work safely online?

Forget passwords, meet Chiff for Teams

At many SMEs, usernames and passwords are shared with each other by means of excel files, post-its and e-mails. That is, of course, incredibly unsafe and irresponsible, but we from Nemis Security do not just want to say that it is unsafe.

We want to help companies to organize it in a safe and easy way. Chiff for Teams is the solution that allows employees to manage their business accounts in a simple and easy way. As an entrepreneur, you can keep an overview of who uses which accounts. Under the hood, unique, long and complex passwords can be used for every business account which makes it ten times harder for hackers to compromise confidential data. Your employees no longer have to remember the passwords at all. With Chiff for Teams, everyone logs in with their own fingerprint or facial recognition.

More about Chiff

Discover Chiff for Teams’ benefits

  • No more remembering passwords
  • Secure login for all employees
  • Share encrypted passwords
  • Zero-trust model
  • 2FA-support
  • Safe notes
  • Simple and fast implementation
  • Privacy by design
  • Hosting in Europe
  • GDPR compliant password policy
  • Annual security audit by external party

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