Have your application or website examined by our experienced ethical hackers. With a pen test or code review, our experts check whether your customers and employees can use your application safely. We always provide an understandable presentation and report for management and the technical specifications of each finding.

Is your application completely secure?

Your application and infrastructure contain a lot of important and confidential data. As an entrepreneur, you are responsible for handling this safely and, in the case of (sensitive) personal data, even mandatory under the GDPR. We are increasingly seeing news reports of stolen or leaked data because a system was not secure. It is therefore good to have your application tested periodically by an independent third party, who investigates whether there are vulnerabilities that attackers can use. This way, you can avoid being the next in the news because data has been stolen through your application.

Every security research is tailor-made

We think like an attacker. Of course, we use the OWASP top 10, but we go further than the well-known attack techniques, such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS). Our experts are creative in finding entrances and try to find vulnerabilities using the latest developments.

Our expertise includes:

  • Web applications
  • Mobile apps
  • (Cloud)-infrastructure
  • Phishing awareness

We always explain our findings and recommendations verbally. The security research includes an understandable report for management and specifications of each finding for developers.

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