Well-functioning IT systems are crucial for business. Digital security is an important condition for taking advantage of the opportunities that digitization offers to your company. However, the reality is that entrepreneurs face cyber threats on a daily basis.

Cybercrime is getting closer and closer.

Digital threats, such as phishing and ransomware, occur on a weekly basis. Altough cyber criminals first started attacking large organizations, they are now shifting their focus towards SMEs. Hackers have made their attack methods scalable and they see that it is often much easier to target SMEs. As an entrepreneur, you want to be able to trust that you and your employees can work safely online. Therefore, you can use technical or functional solutions, depending on your specific case.

Just one password can give access to your company.

As an entrepreneur, you want to be sure that your employees work safely online, so that you do not become cybercrime victim. Poor password management is a major weakness in current businesses: 35% of the employees use the same password for multiple accounts. In addition, passwords are sometimes shared insecurely within teams, for instance via Excel lists or e-mail. Passwords are sent unencrypted and there is no overview of who has access to the (correct) passwords and when. And this problem is so big, because an attacker only needs one password to get in and take advantage.

Chiff for Teams

Nemis Security has developed a user-friendly product geared towards SMEs that allows you as an entrepreneur to enable secure password management. Chiff for teams allows all employees to log in easily and securely. The entrepreneur maintains control over the online security of the organization. Are you curious whether Chiff for Teams is also interesting for your company? We are very happy to provide a free demonstration of our solution.

Chiff for Teams